Exclusive Cover Model imagery

Paperback Model has the largest collection of original, licensed male cover model photography online, helping you buy into a real human visual identity that stands out in a crowded marketplace

100% exclusive and 100% yours

When choosing licensed model imagery for your book cover, it’s important to select imagery that will be unique to your book and branding. If you use non-exclusive stock imagery, or an image from a shoot that another author has already bought into, their branding will compete with your book and fans will notice. You can rest assured that when you buy an image from our Exclusive Faces, PbM+ or other Faces categories, the entire model’s shoot becomes permanently unavailable to anyone else. Not just the image you purchase.

Over 200 market-ready cover model portfolios

What are you looking for in your cover model imagery?
A great smile? A great body? Eyes that are magnets for your readers to fall in love? Authenticity, free from the Ai plasticky stuff? All of the above?
PbM is updated weekly with some of the most attractive professional models in the world, providing large portfolios of character archetypes. The perfect cover model photography for your MCs. Polished, beautiful, in super high-resolution and ready to go.

Colour-matched to your existing series

We understand the importance of consistency across your book series. That’s why we offer a complimentary colour grading service to seamlessly integrate our model photographs with your existing cover sets. Whether your series spans several books or involves multiple photographers, we’ll collaborate closely with you to match the tones, styles, and aesthetics of your previous covers. Our expert team can perform background swaps and tonal adjustments to ensure our photography aligns perfectly with your planned visual language. Trust Paperback Model to deliver ready-to-use, professional imagery that maintains the cohesive look of your series, helping you create a unified and captivating collection. Buy with confidence, knowing we are here to make your vision seamless.