Licensing information

The use of Purchased image assets


PbM grant image licenses that offer exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, life-long (Perpetuity) usage rights to Authors and Publishers for any image purchased for the sole purpose of the book promotion. This can include all kinds of reproduction, modifying or transforming and all derivative editions of the Book, including without limitation, audiobooks, translations, and multimedia ebooks.

The License Agreement is a digitally PDF signed by both parties, contractually binding the image/s to the stated book title/s.

The Author or Publisher may allow affiliates, sublicensees and subcontractors to use the Image in connection with the creation of cover art for the Book or in connection with the sale or promotion of the Book.

PbM organises rate and licence with featured models and/or their respective agencies. Please allow 24hrs for this from the time of selecting an image. In some rare circumstances, you may need to provide a blurb that hints at the content of the book to ensure it is alignment with the model. 

Once a license has been generated for a book, it cannot be used as a cover for additional books without a supplementing agreement.
You may wish to purchase more than one image from a model portfolio. This is often recommended to support your book with secondary image assets providing extra social media and marketing promotion opportunities for your main character. Secondary imagery cannot be used on additional book cover artwork as a new license would need to be generated to allow that. Limited usage of secondary imagery is reflected in the discounted price as specified on each model portfolio. If you do wish to create two covers using imagery from a model’s portfolio, it would be considered as two full price single images.

PbM grants licenses for images that do not violate any intellectual property or other rights of any third party; (c) the Image is not defamatory, libellous, obscene or otherwise illegal.

High res image files are sent as download links. Licenses will be issued at the point of transaction.

The use of Watermarked image assets


The watermarked imagery on our website remains the property and copyright of Paperback Model and respective photographers. It is for demo purposes only.

The imagery is solely for the use of helping you visualise your artwork for book covers and supporting marketing by providing free downloadable assets for you to find your own crops and demo image treatments, layout and to help you better understand what your book will look like ahead of purchasing the non-watermarked imagery.

Only fully licensed, non-watermarked imagery from PbM can be shared freely.

Each user is responsible for making sure that downloaded watermarked files are not published publicly on social media, with the exception of collaborating Art-directors, Co-Authors or Publishers for review purposes only.

Please note: Downloading and sharing watermarked assets on social media may lead to your account being suspended.