After the purchase, the entire shoot becomes unavailable to anyone else.


This is the fee for a front cover image for your book.
Licensed exclusively for the promotion of one book. The image can be used for all marketing purposes relating to the book.
Expand your options by purchasing additional covers for your series at just £949 each. Saving £600 per additional cover.


PbM image quality is billboard size, to encourage you to find your own crops and not lose out with low-resolution image quality, should you wish to zoom in for a more detailed composition.


£199 per extra image

Purchase extra imagery to boost marketing opportunities like ads, Facebook posts, Instagram content, posters and any reader swag. Note that additional images are not be used as cover images and they must stay within the same series as your main cover image purchase..
You can download high-resolution watermarked files so that you can mock up your designs ahead of purchasing.*

*Please note: All watermarked sample downloads are intended for your own design review purposes only. You are not permitted to share watermarked imagery publicly. This includes sharing on social media or Facebook groups etc. This activity will lead to an account suspension and possible copyright infringement.

About our pricing (and getting what you pay for).

As with all imagery sold in PbM’s EXCLUSIVE FACES section, we want to protect your book/s by not selling the same model’s shoot to another author.
Once an image/s are purchased from a model in the EXCLUSIVE FACES section, the entire shoot will be removed and unavailable to anyone else.

We do this for two reasons:

  1. To protect the Author’s original characters. You have assurances that you will not see your hard work tarnished by your model’s shoot appearing on the cover of a competing author’s book on Amazon.
  2. To keep our site fresh and improve your browsing experience.